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Hay Chix Cinch Net Mini
Cinch Net Mini from Hay Chix

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Product Code: M-H

M-H Opening Size*:
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M-H Rope Color*:

  • Opening Sizes: 2 1/2" (Large Stock), 1 3/4" (Original), 1 1/4" (SF/Slow Feed), 1" (SFX/Slow Feed Extreme), 1 1/4" (HD/Heavy Duty), 1 3/4" (HD/Heavy Duty) / More about opening sizes
  • Hay Capacity: Holds up to 1/2 of a small hay bale
  • Closure: Cinch Rope & Hoggle (Handle/Toggle) / What's a Hoggle?
  • Attaches easily to trailer, eye hook, fence or tree
  • Equine-quality, UV-treated DuPont fiber netting
  • Made in USA

What's included: Cinch Net Mini, instruction card pack, Mini Cinch Rope, repair twine and Safety Snap.

Warning: Please use extra caution when using with horned animals or horses with blankets or non-breakaway halters. Nets may be used with shod horses, but must be used with a traditional hay ring that is flush with the ground. When using the smaller nets with shod horses, make sure to hang it high enough so the horse cannot paw at it.

The M134h is available in 7 different rope colors: Alfalfa, American, Bermuda, Bluegrass, Clover, Coastal, Oat. The M212h, M114h, M1h, M114HD and M134HD are available with the Oat colored rope only.

The Cinch Net Mini attaches easily to a trailer, eye hook, fence or tree, it's perfect for keeping your feeding program on track while on the go.

Ideal for: Keeping your stalled horses busy, in your pasture or paddock, hauling: whether inside or outside your trailer, on a tie line for those weekends you hit the trails. This net has been shown to help confined horses with ulcers, weaving, pawing and other unwanted behaviors.

Large Stock (2 1/2") opening size is ideal for use with larger hooved animals and for controlling waste, but not slowing consumption. Note: Because of the large openings, this net must be hung above pawing height.

The Original (1 3/4")
opening size is good for horses that haven't used a slow feed net before. It's great for slowing down horses that eat fast, are generally healthy, but waste too much hay.

The SF/Slow Feed (1 1/4")
opening size is good for horses that doen't get enough exercise or are metabolic. Very easy keepers who have used slow feed nets before do well on this net level. Also works well as a pacifier for stall-bound horses. (1 1/4" also available in Heavy Duty.)

The SFX/Slow Feed Extreme (1") opening size is good for use with miniature horses or horses with metabolic issues. Do not use this opening size if your horses have not used slow feed nets before as it can be very frustrating for your horse. You can start your horse on a larger opening size and transition them to the SFX.

The Original (1 3/4") HEAVY DUTY opening size is good for more aggressive eaters and a larger herd. Also good for horses that haven't used a slow feed net before. It's great for slowing down horses that eat fast, are generally healthy, but waste too much hay.

Download Cinch Net Mini instruction card pack
Hay Chix Cinch Net Mini
Cinch Net Mini For Use on the Go: Camping, Trail Riding, On the Road
Cinch Trick: 2 Cinch Net Minis With 1 Bale
A Burro Uses The Cinch Net Mini

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Love that Cinch Net! Love those Hay Chix! February 1, 2017
Reviewer: Marilyn Denisco from Alamo, California  
My QH Mare eats her hay like there's no tomorrow! She is stabled in a boarding facility. I found/bought netted hay bags at my grain store, hoping to prolong eating. She chomped right through them, dropping all the hay on the ground.  I discovered  Cinch Net by surfing the internet, happily finding the Hay Chix site promising stronger bags. They sounded more durable, and net sizes varied.  Because they were more expensive, I initially tried only 2, but I still needed to use old bags too because I travel. Wow!  What a difference in quality!  Gradually bought more Cinch Nets, decreasing net openings.   After 4-5 years, she has yet to destroy a Cinch Net, Some folks do "borrow" them, creating the need to buy more.  I am now using the 1" and would love to have 1/2" openings if became available.  My  "Lady" bounces her nets against the wall, once again making hay drop on the ground, but in much smaller amounts.  
    Thanks, Hay Chix.  Lady is entertained longer because of Cinch Nets.

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Cinch Net Mini SFX February 13, 2015
Reviewer: Debbie from Marengo, IL United States  
LOVE THESE NETS. Keeps my gelding busy, he is a very easy keeper, so it is wonderful he has hay in front of him, for most of the day.
I have several hung in the paddock and lean to, keeps him moving around too. Nets are very sturdy,  I've always had problems with him tearing holes in the other slow feed hay nets, but not these. I use the 1" net which is great, and he has no trouble getting the hay out.  Never a piece of hay left.
Definitely recommend these nets to everyone!

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  7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
Cinch Net Mini--Original March 6, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Eveleth, MN United States  
Love this hay net!!! The net is large enuf that my horse had plenty of hay to keep her busy & satisfied during travel & while stalled overnight when we were at a weekend horse clinic. Even the original size kept my horse from over eating. It's relatively easy to fill following the video instructions on the website (thank you) & holds a generous amount of hay. I tucked the excess rope into the bag before cinching it tight. The large heavy duty clip works well for hanging the net in a trailer or stall. After the weekend there was only a very small pile (single manure fork full) of hay wasted on the ground under the net.

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