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Hay Accessories for Your Hay Chix® Slow Hay Feeders

We provide a range of useful accessories that work with Hay Chix® products including replacement Cinch Nets, specialized hardware, repair kits, replacement ropes and more. In addition, our replacement ropes (available in 5 different sizes) can be used to upgrade other hay saving feeders on the market, making them considerably easier to use.

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Hay Rack Frame from Hay Chix, Inc.
Hay Chix Hay Rack Frame
Our Price: $44.50

Use the Hay Chix® Hay Rack Frame with a Cinch Net Mini or Cinch Net Small Bale.
Replacement Cinch Rope from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Replacement Cinch Rope

Looking to upgrade your existing Cinch Rope or want another? Our Replacement Cinch Ropes are just what you need.
36# Repair Twine from Hay Chix
Hay Chix #36 Repair Twine 1/4 lb.
Our Price: $7.00

Looking for some mighty fine twine? Our #36 Repair Twine is just the ticket!
Cinch Net Patch Kits from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Cinch Net Patch Kits

Sometimes accidents happen - Our Cinch Net Patch Kits make repairing your net a cinch!
Hay Chix Yoke
Hay Chix Yoke
Our Price: $2.50

Our custom-designed Yoke for use with the Hay Chix® Free-Up Feeder and Hay Chix® Hay Rack.
Hitch-n-Pin from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Free-Up Hitch-n-Pin
Our Price: $5.00

Our custom-designed Hitch & Pin for use with the Hay Chix Free-Up Feeder.
Free-Up Frame Hardware from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Free-Up Frame Hardware Pack
Our Price: $9.50

Our custom-designed hardware pack for use with the Hay Chix Free-Up Feeder.
Hay Rack Hardware from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Hay Rack Hardware Pack
Our Price: $7.50

Our custom-designed hardware pack for use with the Hay Chix Hay Rack.
Free-Up Feeder Frame from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Free-Up Feeder Frame
Our Price: $28.00

Our Free-Up Feeder Frame is a 12" x 24" metal frame for use with a Cinch Net Mini.
Hoggle from Hay Chix
Our Price: $5.50

It's a Handle... It's a Toggle... It's the HOGGLE!

The patent-pending HOGGLE is a Hay Chix original design. It works as a handle and a toggle for your Cinch Rope.
Oval Safety Snap from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Oval Safety Snap
Our Price: $3.00

Oh Snap! – Our Oval Safety Snap is a solid choice for a great (and quick) carabiner-style steel clip.
Quick Links from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Quick Links

Just as its name implies, our Quick Links make hanging items a quick job!
Feeder Replacement Nets from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Feeder Replacement Nets

Is your Free-Up Feeder Frame or Hay Rack Frame fine? Just need a replacement Feeder Cinch Net®? No problem!

Everything You Need To Keep Your Cinch Net Secure

Whether hanging Cinch Nets, Free-Up Feeder nets or buckets, our Quick Links and Oval Safety Snaps make life simple for horse owners. Plus, we offer repair twine and repair kits. These kits come with easy instructions in the event the net is accidentally cut or a hole occurs. The Cinch Net Patch Kit makes repairs easy so you can avoid replacing your Cinch Nets.

For both small (goats, alpacas, and llamas) and large livestock (horses and other larger hooved animals, including cattle), we recommend AGI’s hay ring feeders. Available from 5-foot to 8-foot diameters, these feeders are perfect for large hay bale or hay roll herd feeding. Also highly adaptable and made from sturdy, high-density polyethylene plastic, an AGI horse hay ring is the answer to many pasture needs. We know what a difference it makes to support happy, healthy animals and offer the tools and accessories to give you this ability with ease. Be among the many happy return customers who have realized an environment that has changed their livestock's lives for the better.