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Free Up Your Valuable Time and Keep Them Healthy

The old “feast or famine” approach to feeding our horses has had huge inadvertent consequences to their health and happiness. The “scheduled meals” approach can cause colic and other, even dangerous, health problems. It can also lead to boredom, vices and bad behavior. Slow feeders are the best way to avoid many of the harmful health issues that accompany the old approach to feeding your horses—and that frees you up to spend more time enjoying your horse.

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Hay Chix Hay Rack

Easiest Feeder to Use on the Market—Toss in Your Hay & Walk Away!
Cinch Net Mini from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Cinch Net Mini


The Cinch Net Mini attaches easily to a trailer, eye hook, fence or tree, it's perfect for keeping your feeding program on track while on the go.
Cinch Net Micro Mini from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Cinch Net Micro Mini

The Cinch Net Micro Mini is the smallest of our nets and a super quick, super compact feeding solution!
Free-Up Feeder from Hay Chix
Hay Chix Free-Up Feeder


Our patented Free-Up Feeder swings open and can be filled with hay in less than 30 seconds!

Improve Your Horse’s Digestion with a Slow Feed Hay Bag

At Hay Chix®, our hay nets are designed to help your horse’s digestive system work more naturally—little by little—all day long, the way God intended. Slow feed hay nets like our Free-Up Feeders help your horse get the continuous flow of food his body needs, without the risk of overeating and colic. It’s good for your horse. Plus, you save time and the cost of wasted hay.

The Hay Chix® slow feeder is the only feeder on the market to be tested by a major university and college of veterinary medicine.* Our slow feed hay bags have been proven to reduce hay waste and help your horse stay healthy. Have questions about your order? Just contact us. We’d love to help you find the very best horse hay feeders for your needs.