Customer FEEDback

We think our customers are the best and we love to hear how our simple feeding solutions are working out! If you'd like to submit feedback and photos to us to use on our site and in other marketing materials, please email your comments/photos to And THANK-YOU!

From Susan in Georgia

"I purchased a Cinch Chix round bale net 3 winters ago and it's still going strong, even with (at times) 7 horses chowing down!

In that we don't have access to a tractor, I chose a rocking hay cradle from Red River Arenas and it pairs perfectly with your CC Net. I simply push/roll the bale out of the barn & down the hill into the pasture, push it upright, throw the net over and cut the strings. One good push back on its side allows me to pull the net completely around and cinch it closed. In that taking up the excess netting was proving difficult, I finally perfected a method! I twist the excess net tightly and then turn it on itself into a "bun," wrapping the excess cinch cord around it even tighter & tying it off for safety. Works like a charm!

I truly believe this net paid for itself within 3 round bales. Without that net, the four horses (1 Clyde-cross, 1 palomino, 1 paint and 1 Percheron) along with 2 goats currently in residence, would go through a round in 4 days. With the net, that same size bale lasts 7 - 9 days, with an average of about 2% waste. I also don't wind up with a nasty, black, muddy spot in my pasture.

For toughness, a CC Net cannot be beat. Only three small holes and they were NOT caused by the horses! (Hubby accidently cut through the net when cutting strings we missed when we first got the net-learning curve). Since that day, not one new hole has been chewed into it."

From Rachel in Colorado

"I love my cinchchix net. I have the 1 1/4" or 'Jenny Craig net' as I like to call it for my horses. I have 3 'stout' quarter horses that really gain weight on free fed hay. I also manage a boarding facility in Steamboat Springs Colorado, and wanted to test it on my horses first. I wanted to try something that would help prevent hay waste, and slow my easy keepers down. I LOVE this product. It's a little funny putting in on the bale for the first time, but you eventually get the hang of it. I use it with an AGI round bale feeder, and I've never had a problem with anyone getting hung up or caught. Hay was $325/ton this year in my area. I needed to conserve hay! I would probably go a size up for the boarder horses since they won't need the weight loss effect. However, my horses never got lean or skinny by any means. Thanks for a great product that holds up. I recommend them to everyone. I'm impressed it did so well over the winter. It was well worth the small investment. I saved way more than that on hay. Dragging my pasture was a breeze this spring too."

From Geri in Florida

"Just wanted to let you know the replacement nets you sent are holding up fantastically! This week was the first time I had to do a very minor repair by the metal ring on one of the nets. The other one is still repair-free!:) I'd say that is really, really great - considering they've been used every single day out in this Florida weather since October! (Hard to believe it was that long ago, huh?)

I don't think I could ever plop a sleeve of hay on the ground again (gets eaten waaaaaayyyyyyyyy too fast) or even throw it into my hay rack (too much waste)!!!!! I am so, so, so pleased with how my mares are looking. They've lost that grass belly/ chunky fatty-pad butt look (yeah, they really did have fat pads, I'm sorry to admit). Now they're maintaining their proper weight while having the hay available 24/7. I'm absolutely certain the smaller net size has been their salvation. They're "grazing" like nature intended. Whoo hoo! And I actually think they like the challenge of pulling the hay - it mimics the action of biting and pulling the grass in the pasture. Thankfully, my small pasture has been able to grow better this year without them eating it into a dry lot - because of using the nets!

I will never forget your kindness to me. You and your product have truly been a blessing. I'm sure whenever you gain a customer, they'll be one for life. I know I am."

From Mike & Casey in Arizona

"We are new customers and we just love our nets! We are telling lots of folks about them. Our horses/pony are doing great with them. I love the simplicity of them and sure cuts down feeding time.

Thank you for a great product! It's awesome to see your horses/pony not starving anymore, especially when I get home from a long 12+ hr shift of work. We had our first winter storm and it was great to know that they are eating to keep warm 24/7."

From Chris in Minnesota

"I have a boarding facility in Harris, MN and decided to feed round bales this year. Part way through the winter, I invested in a Cinch Chix net and it has saved us a lot of clean up time as well as savings in hay cost. I will be back for more!"