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Cinch Net® Slow Feeders Save Time, Improve Health, and Stop Waste

You have enough to do every day — grooming,vet care,and stall cleaning,just for starters. Preparing “meals” on a schedule can eat up your time,lead to health problems for your horse,and literally waste TONS of hay. As a horse owner,wouldn’t you rather spend your time in the saddle?

At Hay Chix®,we’ve come up with an innovative Simple Feeding Solution:The Cinch Net®. Our slow feeder hay nets and hay bale bags control the amount of hay your horse is able to consume at any one time. Your horse grazes in a more natural way,just like God intended.

Eliminate the waste. Save your valuable time. Improve your horse’s health. It’s easy to see what’s in it for you when you use the Cinch Net.

Choose the Best Slow Feeder Nets for Your Needs

The Cinch Net slow feeder hay nets are designed for use with square bales,round bales,or even hay by the flake. These nets are surprisingly easy to manage,getting you at least 94 percent out of each hay bale. Our hay feeders for horses are university tested* and veterinarian approved,so you can feel confident that you’re giving your horse the very best with a slow feeder hay net from Hay Chix.