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Hay Chix Media Alerts:

December 2016 Hay Chix® Hay Rack: The Easiest Hay Feeder to Use on the Market! / Read the release
08-04-15 Hay Chix® Brings Their Simple Feeding Solutions® to the Minnesota Zoo’s True Wild Horses / Read the release
11-21-14 Cinch Chix changes name to Hay Chix to Reflect Vision and Customer Commitment / Read the release
07-09-12 University study confirms Cinch Nets® reduce hay waste from 57% to 6.3% with first use / Read the release

Press Releases:
Minnesota Cup. (2013). 18 Finalists Chosen In Minnesota Cup Competition. Next round announced in largest statewide new venture competition in the U. S. [Press release]. Retrieved from / Read the press release

Minnesota Cup. (2013). State’s most innovative business ideas advance to next round in ninth annual Minnesota Cup Competition [Press release]. Retrieved from / Read the press release

Hay Chix Related Studies:
Cleary, K., K. Martinson, J. Wilson, W. Lazarus, W. Thomas, and M. Hathaway. 2011. Round-Bale Feeder Design Affects Hay Waste and Economics During Horse Feeding. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. 31, 292-293. / Read the study

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  • Gordon, Kindra (2013). Balancing Act – Budgeting. Today's Horse Magazine, Breeder Edition
  • (2012, August). University study confirms Cinch Nets® reduce hay waste from 57% to 6.3% with first use. Pacific Coast Journal, 20.
  • (2012, June). Your Horse Your Life - Solutions. Horse & Rider Magazine, 28.
  • (2012). Bale Feed Nets Reduce Wasted Hay. Farm Show, 36, 26. / Read the article
  • Kaufman, Susan (2011, November). Sizing Up Slow Feeders. EQUUS, 410, 31-38.
  • Alexander, Eve (2010, May). Best horsekeeping product of 2010 - The Cinch Chix Hay Net, / Read the article

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